Cases & Verdicts

Sheehe & Associates Defends Against Breach of Contract and Equine Claims

Johanna E. Sheehe successfully represented a business owner against breach of contract claims arising out of the sale of the client’s horse farm. At issue was the defendant’s compliance with the terms of the sales contract, the disputed ownership of two horses, and the alleged damages incurred by the plaintiffs.

Hurricane Knowledge and Expertise

Sheehe & Associates, P.A. has represented insurance companies in over 1,000 cases arising out of Hurricanes Irma and Michael. The firm has litigated all types of hurricane claims, including breach of contract and bad faith, and has expertise in compelling appraisal. The firm has extensive experience handling cases involving questions of causation, particularly as to wind vs. flood damage.

Defense of Breach of Contract Regarding Real Estate Development

Founding partner Phillip J. Sheehe successfully represented an international commercial real estate company in multi-party litigation regarding a claim of breach of contract concerning a multimillion-dollar off-shore development. At issue was the enforceability of the termination clause contained within the contract and the parties’ compliance with the contractual language.

Successful Defense of Homeowner Regarding Injury During Commercial Shoot

Phillip J. Sheehe successfully resolved a negligence suit filed against a homeowner after a crew member fell and was injured during a commercial film shoot at the homeowner’s estate. At issue was the cause of the fall and the extent of the injuries.

Sheehe & Associates Defends Discrimination Suit

The firm successfully defended a lawsuit alleging causes of action arising under the Florida Civil Rights Act. The claims were brought by former employees of an international real estate company and alleged race and national origin-based discriminatory treatment and retaliation.

Successful Resolution Regarding Riparian Rights

Phillip J. Sheehe successfully defended a homeowner in multi- defendant litigation concerning claims of negligence and trespass regarding the alleged diversion of storm water across neighboring properties. The plaintiff contended that surrounding homeowners altered their properties and caused excessive storm water to divert onto plaintiff’s property. Sheehe & Associates, P.A. resolved claims against its client after filing a motion for summary judgment.

Representation of Homeowners in Dispute with Contractor

The firm successfully represented homeowners in a dispute with a contractor regarding incomplete home renovations. The lawsuit involved questions surrounding the quality of the home renovations, each parties’ contractual obligations, and the validity of a construction lien. Our work resulted in the removal of the construction lien and resolution of the contractual dispute.

Successful Prosecution of Breach of Equine Contract

The firm successfully prosecuted a lawsuit for specific performance and breach of contract against a foreign entity arising out of the sale of a world-famous stallion. The firm represented the seller who alleged that the buyer failed to fulfill its contractual obligations regarding ongoing breeding rights to the stallion. We were able to enforce our client’s rights under the terms of the contract and protect against future contractual breaches regarding the breeding rights at issue.

Equine Dispute Resolved

Sheehe & Associates, P.A. recently represented a prominent equine facility in a multi-horse contractual dispute involving claims and cross-claims relating to the sale, marketing and fair market value of several horses. Phillip J. Sheehe successfully resolved the dispute without the need for litigation.

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